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Forgot About Malaria

January 02, 2020

So, I was writing down a list of all the things I need to pack. Then wrote down anti-malarials. Something that I forgot to get a prescription for, and something that’s highly recommended for Benin, Togo, and Ghana :derp:

Full wall whiteboards are super useful for making lists of everything you need to do, pack, buy, or anything.

So must-see for Turkey:

  1. Blue Mosque
  2. Hagia Sophia
  3. Wander around
  4. Ferry to Busra (This will be both awesome, and give me the MTP destination for Turkey in Anatolia)
  5. Coffee
  6. Kebobs


  1. Turkish Bath


Steps to get rewards points on international airlines:

  1. Have a middle name
  2. Sign up for airline points program without using middle name
  3. Be unable to add membership number because it’s missing the middle name and therefore doesn’t match passport name
  4. Try and change account name, but it’s disabled
  5. Create new account, but phone is already taken
  6. Log into old account and change phone
  7. Create new account with muscle memory and loop to step 2…
  8. Eventually after 4 accounts (don’t ask) add new membership number to flight
  9. Don’t trust website, so talk to someone at gate