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Sister, Notes, & Vacation

February 15, 2020

Sister is engaged! <3

I still have to write my Ghana post, but it’s taking some time getting the motiviation to do that.

In the meantime, I wrote a quick little app that I’ve been meaning to for a while. It’s a python note app for taking quick notes from the terminal.

It’s available at github under an MIT license.

$ note I should find a gatsby plugin that converts emojis automatically
$ cat ~/notes.yml
February 15, 2020:
- (09:51) I should find a gatsby plugin that converts emojis automatically

Eh. Cool.

I was really hoping to do the Inca trail, but all the tour permits are sold out for April.

I’m trying to find a tour that goes from April 17th - April 27th. It’d be a quick, short tour before going to see my sister’s graduation on the 28th.

It’s difficult to get the motiviation for any specific trip or tour as I really had my heart set on doing the Inca trail.

I found a tour that seems cool, it goes north from Costa Rica to Guatemala. It’s 17 days long, and that just seems too long. I will be gone in August as well for about that long, so it’s a non-starter.

So this blog is cool, but deploying it is a bit difficult. I’ve started tinkering with Docker in the hopes that I can create a docker image that runs the whole thing. Ideally, I’d just run rsync and have the blog updated.

Unfortunately for the build and run at the moment, I have to run:

$ rm -rf public .cache && gatsby build --prefix-paths
$ gatsby serve --prefix-paths

They are in my package.json, so it’s as simple as yarn build && yarn start but it’s still going to cause ~5 minutes of downtime.

Also, getting an AWS certification. So maybe I’ll switch some things over to their services.

At the moment, I’m using DigitalOcean, and their pricing is pheneomenal. I am worried about hosting the images here though, I think it might be better to put them on github or something, and link directly to them.