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February 01, 2020

I really only spent 1 day in Togo, so this will be a short post.

Day 1

This is not a fun border to cross. It’s miserably hot, and you have to have 20 different people look over and sign things. Lines were long, chaos was rampant, and you have to be vigilant to stop people from cutting in front of you.

Once we were over the village, we went to Togoville via boat. Boat took about an hour and the entire lake could have been walked across it was only waist high.

Togoville was nice and extremely hot. I found a nice sign that said ‘One Love’, took a lot of goat photos, and saw an incredible church. The statue is a sign of Togo & German friendship.

So, the church had so much artwork. The entire ceiling was covered, it was lovely.

I’ve always found it funny how no matter where you are in the world, Jesus is always depicted as a white man. Here’s the BBC’s article on what he’d have actually looked like.

They also have a large fetishest community. Here’s an altar for men and one for women.

After exploring the blistering hot, but very beautiful Togoville, we took the boat back and had lunch.

Didn’t take many photos afterwards, but the hotel had a lovely pool. Also, this was one of the only places where I successfully managed to have a pizza. Ghana had some pizza mishaps I will cover in my next post.

Day 2

Onto the Ghana border crossing now! Didn’t do much except drive today to the border, I will cover the Ghana stuff in the next chapter.